Create your custom diamond painting and keep that special moment forever. Enjoy filling your diamond art from your best friend, your family and even your pets! Thanks to the fact that you can customize the diamond designs, you can enjoy the images of your loved ones by bringing back the best memories. It is an excellent option to pick up a new craft hobby.




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It is the only Store that offers Design and Print in the USA! 2 Day & Overnight Shipping you can get your diamond arts always on time without leaving home. One of the highlights is the quality, considered the best Diamond Art from the USA. Buy one and enjoy this excellent pastime.

Diamond painting is the process of creating a painting using all kinds of small stones. These stones have the shape of small diamonds. Diamond Painting is a form of art in which the artist creates a painting by filling small diamond colors on a canvas to complete the game. Diamond Painting is like a combination of cross-stitch and paint by numbers. It is getting immense popularity worldwide.

More and more people are getting acquainted with this pastime as it is a good way to avoid anxiety and stress.

  • Diamond Painting will help you to maintain your mind activated, avoiding losing faculties like memory, imagination or communication.
  • Painting with numbers reduces anxiety and stress as it is a relaxed and creative hobby. Focus your mind on the canvas and the small diamond colours and start relaxing. 
  • Diamond Dotting gives adults more confidence and security. Completing the canvas can stimulate their esteem and self confidence.
  • Diamond Art is a craft hobby that beginners can do without prior knowledge of other artistic techniques. 
  • Diamond Painting is an excellent hobby keeping in mind all the covid restrictions, because you can stay at home and still have some fun during these stressful times

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